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We are passionate about publishing, and in this business age, we believe being a nimble company is essential. We specialize in a multi-disciplined approach to incorporate efficient workflow, expert functionality and best practices to bring you the best content management solution. We work across a broad range of teams, both from a design and a technical perspective.

We offer daily, weekly and monthly terms to travel on site, at times when calm and order is needed during  great changes.  We go above and  beyond a canned approach to make the software fit your organization and vision. This is crucial for your own achievement and development as it reflects back into the work you produce for your audience. Chuck Nigash founded Lightfall Studios in 2009. He was a journalist 30 years for two Pulitzer Prize-winning news organizations, the Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register. His experience as a writer, editor, designer and art director are reflected in his understanding of newsrooms, prepress, audience and the challenges they are confronting today. He  was co-founder in 1997 of the Motion Graphics Los Angeles, a film and animation users group that grew to 3,500. At his side is Ronnie Nigash, a third-year Physics major at University of Washington, who has an uncanny skill with coding solutions and develops the time-saving scripts you'll find on this website.

At work, we are known for our love of extracurricular activity, from roasting our own coffee to finding Alaskan king salmon roaming in the Puget Sound where we live on neighboring Bainbridge Island, WA.  We find no shortage of creative things to do while we brainstorm custom solutions for hundreds of users, and we believe in expanding our ideas and skills without needing it to be on a client brief.

Our focus of the company orients around publication design with an emphasis on world-class service — we have trained more than 4,500 users and nearly 40 organizations. For four years Chuck Nigash served at Newscycle Solutions (then Saxotech) and pioneered several configuration approaches and publication "builds." Ronnie Nigash has steered a team to the 2014 FIRST Robots international championships with his programming and is performing research in the Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington.

Our clients, partners, and even our competitors offer praise for our work. Quality of service and products is constantly upgrading. We place great importance to your comments and suggestions, and encourage you to share your ideas and improvements with us.

Chuck Nigash


Chuck Nigash

CEO & Founder


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